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These foods easily make good winter away from Paul stomach war

2016/3/2 18:23:22View:415

In winter health care is very important, although the temperature is reduced, the activity of virus in the body decreased significantly, but still will cause disease ridden. How to effectively protect the body into the topic of concern to many people. The stomach is one of the important organs in the body, the need to protect the. In fact, in the life of the stomach to carry out maintenance well. Diet is an important health body, but there are many misunderstandings.
Food life is alkaline, acidic, these properties can very good nutrition for the body, however, in the life some time because of our diet is not scientifically for the stomach is no small damage, here to talk about in life reduced uptake of some things to protect the stomach and let you play the insurance "stomach" war.
One, eat less fried food
In the lower temperature in winter, many people's appetite began to subside, for some favorite foods will reduce the intake, but there are still some for a class of things some special love in life.